Samuele Defendi and Giovanni Basile aka Smoud Beats where born in 1997 in southern Italy. As a childs in strong contact with the music, but they are in adolescence passion takes over. They stands out with its drum rhythms and hypnotic synths, constantly looking for new sounds, with strong UK Garage,Acid House,Minimal and many more influences.
Over the past 2 years Gio and Samuele have carved out quite a name for themselves, with releases on the illustrious Kina Music, a vinyl-only releases on Floorpiece, Entity;London and Samani Music alongside artists like Harry McCanna, Ed Herbst, Herck and more.
In October 2017 they start their own self-titled label Smoud Traxx,having since the first releases a huge support in the underground scene, getting played from names like Seb Zito, Subb-an, Locklead and more. In the last two years they had the opportunity to perform from south to north Italy ,until becoming part of the famous Buongiorno Classic group in the summer of 2018 where they express their sound regularly.